Our Team

From day one it has been the Team that was at the core of our operations. We do not refer to ourselves as a translation agency, as this would imply a traditional separation between the staff and the management. We prefer to act as a Team of enthusiasts that come together in a joint effort to provide our Clients with a new level of quality.

What is the story behind Ideogram?

As a group of translators and proofreaders who could not accept the practices of translation agencies, we have decided to take the matter into our own hands. Building on our long-standing experience, we have consolidated our efforts to create a friendly workplace that supports experience-sharing and personal improvement, and one where it’s the team members who decide about their working conditions and optimise them for meeting their needs.

By recognising the enormous benefits of team work, we have created a platform for language lovers to support and complement each other. It has been our vision to go beyond the individual translation process and combine novel solutions with communication-based cooperation.

This approach has provided us, as a company, with a dedicated and motivated Team, and you, Dear Client, with confidence that your translations are prepared by enthusiasts, who take pleasure in, and have a passion for, their work.

As a result of our joint effort, we create synergies that translate into tangible benefits for you, Dear Client.

Why choose our Team over an agency?

– we use our expertise to assign your translation projects to those among our translators, who actually excel in a particular area

– while working on your projects, our translators stay in touch to agree on specific terminology, thus ensuring a consistent target translation

– the state-of-the-art technology we employ offers you much more than just translation – project-specific glossaries and Termbases, dedicated Translation Memories, language advice and more, is what you get on top of it

– our original model of cooperation provides you with unparalleled quality and consistency,